Video of ‘Powerful testimonies from former false converts’

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False conversions I too was one of those false converts that was told I was born-again, simply for mimicking a pastors unbiblical prayer. But thanks be to God, HE saved me five years later.

It’s amazing how many ‘within the church’ do not appreciate testimonies like this. If your more loyal to your pastor than you are the Word of God, then your pastor has become an idol. No one rejoices in heaven when a person repeats a prayer. But they do rejoice when a person comes to a Biblical repentance. The Bible commands us to “repent” and “believe” in the Gospel.

The following is from the producer. “These four testimonies represent millions of untold people in America who believe themselves to be right with God because they have bought in to an easy form of Christianity that is nothing more than an insurance policy to save a person from hell. Christ’s power is not only to save one from hell, but to change His followers by giving them new hearts and making them more like Him in a lifelong process called sanctification. If you didn’t change, then you are not one of His. Please watch these testimonies and examine your own testimony.”

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