Video of street preachers invading Washington DC, a Trump rally, and more…

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What a fruitful & productive way for Christians to redeem their time wisely on Independence Day, and throughout that week. This was worth the hour to watch, as Ronnie and the team invade D.C. with preaching, crying-out, and the distribution of Gospel tracts.

According to the crowds clothing and signage, a majority of them are Republicans, so many of them most likely ignorantly think they’re OK with God. Or perhaps paying their patriotic respect at such a time as this is some sort of penitence. All for a country that legislates lawlessness against Gods Law, from its highest levels of legislative jurist prudence. As one preacher said to them,

“You may hate liberals, but without Christ, you’ll join them in hell!”

Problem is, most of these people believe in their idolatrous non-salvific americanized jesus. Another problem is, most Republicans today are yesterday’s Democrats. As they hypocritically love compromise, while tolerating or acquiescing to abortion and homosexuality. Perhaps that is why these preachers often preached against those two sins.

I need to re-consider the invitation to join some men on a longer-term National outreach level (of itinerant street preaching).

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