Video of “The Gospel Invasion of Las Vegas” (Rated R)

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I was asked to join a team of missionaries in a four-day missions trip in Las Vegas, Nevada. This trip included, but was not limited too ~

  • Prayer raids over the city
  • Air campaigns up and down the strip
  • Proclaiming the Gospel via our signs, and my new Christian flag (This flag waves 12 feet in the air)
  • Open-Air sermons thru the Bible
  • Crying out
  • Many one-on-one encounters
  • Prayed over many people
  • Preaching inside casinos
  • Preaching in restaurants
  • Preaching on streets corners
  • Shared Christ in night clubs / bars
  • Distributed many Gospel tracts
  • And so much more.

We praise the Lord that we were met with many challenges and obstacles. It is my personal policy to strive to ignore hecklers while preaching. However, one became combative and assaulted me; therefore I had to engage him. See in below comments regarding that incident.

We expected much opposition, and even hatred from the world. But sadly so many that professed to be Christian (I call them ‘believers,’) thought they had the Spirits gift of telling us we should not preach in Las Vegas. However, the Lord brought some Christians from Egypt, and then another Christian couple from New Jersey to us, which the Lord used to edify and exhort us in the Lord. What a blessing they were. Our brothers from Egypt even donated some money to help with our costs. Although the exhortation and edification, was just as appreciated.

Please pray for all those seeds this team planted. All the glory goes to the Lord. “And He said to them, “Go into all the world and proclaim the gospel to the whole creation.” Mark 16:15

I took hours of video. However due to time constraints, and the sensitive content of some video; I only uploaded a fraction of this trip. Below is the edited video. Due to foul language, this video is Rated R.

Disclaimer: This was not an IPOC Ministries outreach. It was a joint effort by many Christians, from different churches, and/or ministries. For documentation purposes, I simply filmed some of it. There were some Open-Air preachers in Las Vegas, that I would not align myself with.

Our trip to San Diego Comic Con can be seen here.




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