Video of ‘The hellbound Gangster killed by a hellbound Cop’

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A street preacher said on social media that we shouldn’t give our testimonies, “because nobody cares!” So I decided to give my testimony. I used that bloody crime scene, to point them to the bloody cross. One man’s attitude did a 180, after speaking with me later (perhaps repentance). And as I was leaving, many in this line began discussing the sermon that they had just heard. Moreover, the Gospel message (over 1800 words) that they still have in their hands, is better than the message that I preached. The Lord also edified some professing Christians. For the glory of our LORD!

The Puritans often preached from the book of Jeremiah, hence came their nickname the “Jeramiahans.” Therefore I have been street preaching from the book of Jeremiah. This morning I preached from chapter 32:36-39.

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