Video on “Churches Using Carnal Means to Attract Carnal People, and a Carnal Christmas”

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Emergent Church ChocolatesToo many church buildings are filled with unconverted people that are told there are a ‘Christian’ just because they repeated a prayer, or raised their hand at a church roll call. But they continue to live just like the world. But God said they’re enemies of Christ (James 4:4-5.)

Biblically speaking the church is supposed to “go out” to where the crowds are. Not use gimmicks to draw in the lost. A church here in sunny So Calif is having truckers haul snow in from the mountains, to drop onto their church grounds. One of their staff members put on his Facebook, “On the 15th we are trucking out REAL SNOW!” He further added, “Only in SoCal would anyone pay to enjoy what others states pay to get rid of : )”

One of the marks of an emergent church, is they will bring entertainment into their church. Folks we need to focus on Christ alone.

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