Video on ‘Where is the church, and how you can help fight this genocidal holocaust within America,’ by Sidewalks4Life

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Sidewalks4LifeI understand that many Christians have work schedules that do not permit them to join others on this abortion mill battleground (except your days off.) Therefore, perhaps I am not talking to you.

But where are all the pastors? Where are the police chaplains? Where is the rest of ‘the church?’

The Planned Parenthood in Riverside, is only blocks away from a mega-church that seats 10,000 people, that profess to be Christian. But when we’re there, I do not see them. We see Christians from other ‘churches’ further away. We see Christians coming from other cities, and even from outside the county.

Please understand this. The Christians are the actual church. The word “church” in the New testament comes from the Greek word ‘ekklesia,’ which is translated to “an assembly,” and “to call out,” or the “called out ones.” Therefore, it is the Biblical duty and calling, of Christians (the church) to go out into the world. To be salt of the earth, and light of the world.

These Christians (mostly ladies) that walk these sidewalks are front line soldiers for the Lord. At times they’re threatened, assaulted, spit at, and cursed at. Pray that you will find time to join Cities4Life, and Sidewalks4Life, and put your boots on the ground.

“Have you ever stated in pride what YOU would have done during the Jewish holocaust if you had been there? Well, there’s a holocaust in your backyard. The time to act on the holocaust of unborn babies was YESTERDAY! What have you ACTIVELY done to stop the murder? The Church, in general, is complacent to what is going on in this country. Are you going to act or continue to sit idly by while your neighbor – the least of these – is murdered?” – Lisa Metzger 

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