Video open-air preached thru hecklers, then an elderly lady armed with a cane, erupts into a revival (an eventful morning)

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I intend to ‘street preach’ thru the book of Romans (Lord willing). This passage was about people that betray God. Both men and women that left what was natural, for the homosexual lifestyle. Moreover how God eventually ‘gives up’ on them, ‘giving them over’ to their debased reprobate minds (as well as other sins).

Some professing Christian women in line objected to this message. What I should have better clarified to the one women, was yes it is true that God will never leave nor forsake His church – His bride – His people, but He will forsake the lost, and many are unsavable.

Since my Pacemaker was reconfigured yesterday, I now have more energy, so I pressed-on a bit longer. Glad I did, because after I prayed for this crowd, an elderly women began rejoicing, testifying, and proclaiming the Lord Jesus. I love it when the Lord edifies His church right in the streets. Let every day be the Lord’s Day.

Side note: The video footage of the two prostitutes can be seen here.

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