Video open-air preaching Malachi 4-in-4, at the Eternal Revenue Service – the IRS

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This morning I had a post-op examination by my Cardiologist / Electrophysiologist. He advised that I can now begin gradual measured walking for exercise, and I can resume normal activities, but without exerting myself too much.

The downside is, it appears that after this Cardio Ablation and Cardioversion, my heart is now more ‘self-reliant’ on my Pacemaker. Though I’m not happy about that, my Doctor advised it’s a much safer than the alternative before. There are still many other problems with my heart, but at least this ‘ticking time-bomb portion’ has been resolved, and I am thankful.

So I decided to celebrate my progress. On the way home I bought two new summer shirts, another new Bible commentary for my resuscitated library (pun intended since I needed to be resuscitated), and a new mug for hot chocolate (no more caffeine). And the best way to redeem my time, for however much time the Lord has given me, is to share the glorious Gospel. Until I am stronger, I will limit my preaching to small groups like this.
By the grace of God, for the glory of God.

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