Video preaching on CHRISTS ELECT at ‘Easter’ time, warned them of the Sinner’s Prayer, of Accepting Jesus, of Raise Your Hand Altar Calls, False Converts, & called them to Repentance

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During this sermon I preached the Law and the Gospel. I warned them of unhealthy ‘churches,’ unbiblical soteriology; and false conversions. I informed them of how repentance comes to us, what we do with it; as well as a call to repentance. One fellow later responded to this message admitting that he was considering a well-known cult (edited out). Only the Lord knows what happened to his heart. One sister in Christ was greatly encouraged, and she encouraged me. And for the rest standing in line (and on the internet,) the LORDS WORD promises to never return void. To God be the glory! – Chaplain Bill

To know more about false conversations, these superstitious prayers, unbiblical raise your hand altar calls, click on my article here. Because true love rebukes and love warns.

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