Video preaching end times warning, applied my police shootings to ‘murder vs killing,’ threatened with arrest, & the police response, in Shreveport Louisiana

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I had been laboring at this location for many days (preached many sermons & distributed hundreds of tracts).  Today I distributed more tracts to everyone there on all four sides of the location. I then chose one particular side to open-air preach. During this message, I was able to apply the aforementioned experience that I had on Monday April 28th with the veteran, at the veterans’ hospital. When I went thru some of the law (particularly murder,) I also shared in that message how I too had used deadly force many times, shooting four of the men. However, how and why in my shootings, and the taking human life was not a sin against God. Moreover how I, and everyone else present, had committed ‘murder in their heart’ multiple times.

While preaching I was asked to leave the premises, or that I would be arrested. However I was able to finish my message while moving over to the sidewalk. I advised the crowd that if they had any questions or comments, about the message, or salvation; to follow me to the sidewalk. I was surprised to see how many followed me to the sidewalk. However evidently the police were called regardless. The police sergeant was very respectful, and warned me of my boundaries (I did not know that this public transportation bus depot was private property). Louisiana is a whole new world. A Christian laid hands on me, prayed for me; and exhorted me to keep on preaching throughout their city.

This is one of many videos of my ‘Southwestern States Open-Air Preaching Tour, Spring 2014.’ For more information about this four week trip, click here .

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