Video preaching from a Theophany, an ANGRY man & two women oppose the Gospel, but many others…

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When Christians go out into the world and unbiblicaly tell the unsaved worldlings “God loves you,” or “Jesus loves you,” they just love that. Because they love themselves too. But when you tell them ‘the truth in love,’ and the ‘whole counsel of God,’ they will hate you.

One scoffer became very angry screaming over the top of my Bible. He ‘professed’ to be a Christian, and even used profanity. Then his female associate whom also professed to be “saved,” was hostile to the preaching. She didn’t have a middle finger, so instead she ‘flips me off’ with her other digits. But the Lord had a remnant out there. In the midst of all this opposition, a Christian woman sounds off in support of the public proclamation of the Gospel. To God be the glory, many others asked many questions, and the Lord used this to exhort other believers. I also warned them of unbiblical soteriologies i.e. “accept Jesus.” All private conversations were omitted.

“Therefore I will bawl [shout loudly], I will not be a velvet-mouthed preacher.” – George Whitefield

“Where are the men who will stand up and preach hell’s hot, heaven’s sweet, sin’s black or white, judgment is sure, and Jesus saves… where are those men?” – Dr. Steve Lawson

Music ‘Suspense,’ by Andrew G.

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