Video Preaching ‘God will violently destroy some of you’- 1 woman opposed the preaching, another responds in seemingly repentance & faith, while others….

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This was a diverse crowd. One woman attempted to thwart my preaching, some nodded their heads ‘yes,’ while others ‘no.’ Another woman responded in tears, seemingly in repentance and faith; other professing Christians rejoiced.

NOTE: This “Oppressor” or destruction by the Lord in verse 38, is (or can be) either the Lord directly Himself, or an agent(s) of the Lord. This ‘violence’ is similar to the violence that Christ displays on His throne, in the Great White Throne Judgement, when the lost “were cast” (ballō) into the lake of fire (Revelation 20:14).

The Puritans often preached from the book of Jeremiah, hence came their nickname the “Jeramiahans.” Therefore I have been street preaching from the book of Jeremiah. This morning I preached from Jeremiah 25:33-38.

Music ‘Thor: The Dark World,’ by Brian Tyler.

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