Video preaching mini sermons at Big Bear Lake & Big Bear City (here’s one of many)

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I haven’t preached in 2 ½ weeks (the longest break yet this year). So today I got back on the saddle (actually back in my Jeep). This morning I did some 4-wheeling (off roading) through the San Bernardino Mountains (enjoying God’s creation). I then went to the city of Big Bear.

To God be the glory. The Lord enabled me to preach mini sermons to small crowds, all over Big Bear City, and Big Bear Lake. The last time I went out, two of us preached from a pier. This time I preached from a dock.

To avoid the repetitiveness of videos, I only uploaded the most unusual video. That being because I preached this sermonette from a dock. Present on this dock were very nice families. They we’re fishing for fish, as I was a fisher of men. I also distributed lots of Gospel tracts all over town. No hecklers or assaults today.

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