Video open-air preaching on the glory of the Lamb in heaven, many ask for prayer & Q&A

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This morning I street preached from Revelation 5:11-14. Though I did not preach much on the Law or sin, the tracts do cover it. After preaching this message, many asked for prayer, some engaged in conversations, others in Q&A. A Jewish woman was humbled by the Lords Word.

Even people sitting inside their vehicles asked to know more, and asked for prayer.

All private conversations were deleted. By the grace of God, for the glory of God.

A side note: Now that the weather is nicer, soon I will be deploying my off-set smoker grill.

This towable smoker grill is another way of showing my love for the lost, and the Lord edifying those that are saved. However to feed people absent the glorious Gospel, is mere humanitarianism. Therefore whether it be a hotdog, or a hamburger, the Gospel will be their main course. This will be accomplished either via a tract, ‘one on one’ conversations, or thru the preaching of the glorious Gospel. Please pray for locations where I can strategically park, cook, feed, preach, and pray (and that I don’t eat too much 😉 Perhaps other Christians would like to assist. Or perhaps I could respond to the outreaches of other like-minded Christians, to serve them in this way. Either way, if you’d like to help with our consistent costs of gas, tracts, and food, then please send your tax deductible donations either via the US mail, or donate online here. The grill was not purchased with IPOC funds.

Music ‘Epic Quest’ by Mark Petrie

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