Video street preaching on ‘The Lord sees and saves those whom…’

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This location is all about timing. Waiting for the line to get long, but not too late where my message might interfere with the business of this Administration.

That is my narrow window of opportunity. That is why you will often see me look at my watch while preaching. There’s really no reason to preach longer than 15 minutes to a standstill crowd, in this case is was only 8 minutes. Just before this location, I did the same at the DMV.

“One of the laws of the Presbytery of Glasgow is that every minister, once a month, shall obey the command of the Lord Jesus Christ and ‘go out into the highways and the hedges and compel sinners to come in’…I think this would be a good thing for all our Theological Seminaries, our Bible Institutes, our Training Schools for Christian work to insist on.” – William Evans, 1906

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