Video preaching to prostitutes, gang members & others (two seemingly responded to the Gospel call)

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Repent America judgement is coming

Today I evangelized the gang, drug, prostitute, crime infested Baseline Rd., in San Bernardino. Every person practicing the above sins told me that they were already allegedly saved by “accepting Jesus.” That teaching is from the pit of hell, and Satan loves it.

I generally do not upload conversations, but I did in this video. The conversation with the first prostitute was unedited, however other conversations had content that was inappropriate.

I almost got hit with a large rock, and some gangsters threw an unopened can of beer at me. Since most of them rejected the tracts, I later used full volume with my large megaphone. Again and again I exposed the lie of “accepting Jesus” to be saved. For a long time I saturated this one block with the Gospel, the Seeds were planted, but the results are the Lords. One of the prostitutes, and the man at the end seemingly responded to the Gospel call, but only the Lord knows. To God be there glory.

“Do you know what we need today? Preachers who are actually out there, where the dead are. Uncloistered men, who care nothing about religious accommodations, or ivory towers. They may use libraries, but they do not love them. They would rather stand out in the midst of a depraved humanity, and cry out thus saith the Lord, hear the Word of the Lord. We need to take this so called good theology, and get it out there where the dead are.” – Paul Washer

“We are not to preach merely to those who come to listen. We must carry the Gospel to where men do not desire it. We should consider it our business to be generously impertinent—thrusting the Gospel into men’s way—whether they will hear or whether they will not.” Charles Spurgeon

UPDATE: The only thing I regret in this video is telling everyone and anyone (the worldlings) that “Christ died for your sins.” Yes I would love to see many people saved thru evangelism. But I have to be wiser with my words, because I cannot know who will be saved. Truth is, the ONLY people that will experience the doctrines of Christ’s ‘substitutionary atonement,’ and/or the ‘imputation of Christ,’ are those that He saves. Don’t mean to sound like I’m splitting hairs. But I have learned to err on the side of interpretive restraint, rather than interpretive excess. Henceforth, I strive to couch my words more carefully. Though it is the Lords desire that no one would perish, and that all would come to repentance. He also tells that “Many” more will perish in hell. And He spoke more about hell then He did heaven.

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