Video Street Preaching from Paul’s first sermon, many engage in Q&A, & many more inquire to know more

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Recently my Pastor preached from Acts 13, and I thought “Wow, that would be a great passage to preach from in the streets.” Therefore this morning I ‘street preached’ from Acts 13:28-30; 37-40.

I preached about this prolific life-saving – life-changing event. Also on the ‘order of salvation’ (ordo salutis), and on the imputation of Christ. Also what it means to Biblically ‘believe,’ what justification means, and I preached both the Law and the Gospel. I also warned them of easy-believism, unbiblical soteriologies, and the acceptance Gospel. The Lord used this to exhort a couple professing Christians. Many asked questions, and many others inquired to know more (as I do). Even ‘cremation’ was discussed.

A side note: My health is stabilized now. Please pray that the Lord would send me on another mission’s trip (Gospel centered) outside my own Jerusalem. Either another one across the States (poss. with others), or perhaps in another Country. Lord willing, I prefer a ‘receiving church’ on the other end, for discipling etcetera.

By the grace of God, and for the glory of God!

Music Epic Quest, by Mark Petrie.

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