Video teaching on ‘The truth about the word “drunkard” in 1 Timothy 3:3 (ESV), what it means to be “given to wine,” & the many Elders that have disqualified themselves

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I saw this jpeg on the ‘Two Wine Theory’ page. Their moderator said “If the ministers of the Old Covenant were to be sober in their duties how much more those of the New?! Also notice that Philo the Jew refers to unmixed wine as a medicine (drug) of folly.”

A message about Elders for Elders, and then my 10-point criteria which is for all Christians.

“Consider the tyranny of it. This inordinate lusting, it doth never rest satisfied; serve it once, it will call again and again; and if it be not followed to the end, resteth as much displeased as if it had at the first been denied, yea, it giveth no rest to the thought; but when the mind would be sequestered for other purpose, then will these matters be running in it, a bondage worse than the Egyptian… When the cup is in thy hand, fear lest the wrath of God go with it, as it is said, ‘while the meat was in their mouths, the wrath of God came upon them.” – Paul Baynes the “Radical Puritan” (page 332 of his commentary on Ephesians 5:18a).

“It is the inlet and sluice to all other sins, and by them to the Devil.” – John Trapp

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