Vintage video footage of “Abortion: What Is the Relationship of Church and State?” by Dr. R.C. Sproul

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I am thankful that the Lord has changed me greatly in this area. But sadly today we see the faith of many professing Christians being effected, or even shattered, depending on whom might be in the Whitehouse (or not). But by the grace of God, so go I.

“The New Testament for example, stresses that Christians are to bend over backwards, to be models of civic obedience. To honor the state, to honor the king, to honor the prince, to honor the government. Rather than to be rebellious, and anarchist in their mentality. Unless or until, the state commands the church to do something that God forbids. Or forbids the church from doing something that God commands.” – Dr. R.C. Sproul

May God rest his soul.

Additionally: For a great video by Alistair Begg, on what the role of the church is, and is not, click here.

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