WARNING VIDEO CONTAINS PROFANITY: Contrary to what Alex Jones says, he is not a Christian, and Christians should disassociate themselves from him

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I post this video for the purpose of warning professing Christians of another reason why they should NOT be subscribing to, nor sharing his videos, nor following Alex Jones of InfoWars. Professing Christians should not be endorsing the sinful character that Alex Jones displays. Though Jones professes (alleges) to be a Christian (and sadly many believe that), he is at enmity with the Lord, he opposes the Gospel, he calls street preachers “radical extremists”, he blasphemes the Lord, and he must repent otherwise he will perish.

Last year I made a video warning others about his sinister partner Joe Biggs, whom I’ve personally shared the Gospel with (Biggs is no longer with InfoWars).

Folks, self-identifying yourself (or someone else) as a “Christian” has no more power to save, then can self-identifying yourself as another gender, change your chromosomes.

If you profess to be a Christian, then I implore you, to repent and dissociate yourself from this man, lest you bring a reproach to Christ.

Remember, Christians are to trust in the Lord, not in conspiracy theorists (Prov 3:5-6, Col 3:2-10, Phil 3:20-21).

DISCLAIMER: I do not endorse the views nor opinions of RWW. For the record, I am ‘two clicks to the right of Reagan.’

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