We’re three months into being Tennesseans

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Well, we’ve been residents of Tennessee for 12 weeks, and we’re ahead of schedule.

Though I will not disclose all of the work we’ve completed on our homestead, last Friday was a busy day.

One fellow began the construction of our livestock shelter in one of our pastures. Another company and their fine men replaced our septic tank drain field lines, as well as some replumbing to our home. Another company delivered mama’s she shed.

I’m a firm believer in the “Three P’s” principle. My responsibility to my family is to be their Pastor, Provider, and Protector. While my wife’s out of State taking care of business, I am enhancing my Provider and Protector responsibilities.

As duly noted, we’ve come from the socialist quasi-communist Republic of California, which is controlled by the Feds Agenda-21 Sustainability Plan, which is all part of the New World Order. And now, to being countryfolk, by God’s providence, we strive for a more self-sustainable lifestyle. Oh, how I loathe all forms of socialism.

A relative that lives in the Hollywood area has nothing good to say about the South and we Southerners. She calls us “backwards people.” Darn straight we’re backward, I’m even in “the back of the woods” backward. I’d rather be a backward Tennessean than a progressive Californian.

Over the next few months, God willing, we have some even larger projects to complete. 

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