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In the nineteen sixties I grew-up fishing with my daddy. Mom and Dad had blessed us kids with lots of outdoorsmen activities. I especially loved his deep-sea vessels, which took us on many ocean excursions.

As I grew up I had smaller boats, from Bayliners to a Crestliner bass boat. But when daddy died in 2013, it was sad fishing without him, and so I lost all interest in fishing. So I sold my most recent boat and got rid of all my fishing gear. Then in the year 2020, my love for fishing came back, but being retired I could not afford another boat.

So I started watching all these thrill-seeking kayak anglers on YouTube. I saw anglers being pulled-out to sea (aka a “sleigh ride”) by a Marlin, a Shark, or a Swordfish much larger than their kayak, and I thought “That’s for me!” So I purchased my first kayak and started accumulating more fishing gear. There’s something about sitting on top of the ocean with nothing but a piece of plastic between you and the water. Though I’ve caught fish, but I haven’t experienced a sleigh ride yet. Moreover, enjoying God’s creation from this view is phenomenal (Genesis 1:26, Romans 1:25).

Below is some of my equipment and gear.


An Oldtown Topwater – 120 PDL


 A MOVE trailer by Sea Doo.


A Garmin echoMAP Plus 45cv with a CV20-TM Transducer. The transducer’s mounted on a Scotty arm.

Rods and reels:

For saltwater, a Penn Squall, 6’6” rod. The reel is a Penn Squall 30-LW bait caster, and currently, it’s set up with 900’ of 80lb braided line (I love to go way out).

My medium rod (for both fresh & saltwater) is a Penn Spin Fisher VI, 7’0” extra fast action rod. The reel is a Penn Spin Fisher VI 4500.

My light rod is a Bass Pro Shops Johnny Morris Carbonlite 2.0, 7’2” rod. The reel is a Carbonlite 2.0 Spinning Reel – Model JCT2000.

“Whether therefore ye eat, or drink, or whatsoever ye do, do all to the glory of God” (1 Corinthians 10:31).

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