Should Christians drink alcohol? Here is a Biblical response, by Bill Rhetts

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MethuskoIn this message I discuss four arguments (or alleged Biblical excuses) that many ‘believers’ give, to justify their alcohol consumption.

I then give a Biblical response to each of them. I also confess that I too once gave many of these same excuses myself.

Correction at time stamp 21:00:  That wine which Jesus refused to drink in Matt 27:34, was just moments ‘prior’ to His crucifixion. However I failed to mention a second incident in my message. The ‘second’ time they placed a sponge of vinegar (KJV), or “sour wine” to His mouth, was in John 19:28-30. This was done only as a fulfillment of prophecy. Where it was foretold in the O.T. that the Lord would suffer from a severe dry mouth (Psalm 22:15.) Nevertheless the Lord did not make alcohol, nor did He drink it.

Some of you might pull the “that’s legalism” card. If that’s you, please watch this commentary on what legalism is, and what it is not.

I failed to mention some other points in this video. Fact is in many cases it can be a sin to drink, even without being “drunk.” Following are some of them.

  • Are you drinking against the conviction of the Holy Spirit?
  • Does it cause others to stumble (Remember what Jesus said about that?)
  • Does it bring an offense to the brethren?
  • Does it cause you to commit sins (or crimes,) that you would not have, had you not been drinking?
  • Does it harm your body, the temple of the Holy Spirit?
  • Are you addicted?
  • Does it affect your mind like drugs?
  • Does it make you methusko?
  • Is it destroying your marriage?
  • Is it destroying your testimony?

Or as Dr. MacArthur said ~

  • Is it necessary?
  • Is it spiritually beneficial?
  • Does it bring honor to Christ?

“Watch for the guys even in our own church. Who are the loudest and most vehement in defending these kinds of things. And you just look and tell me, are they the Godliest among us. Are they the ones that you want to pattern your life after. Are they the ones that set the standard. Are they the ones that when you see them, you feel convicted. Or are they the ones… (that compromise.) Pastor Tim Conway.


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