The Bourne Identity of a Christian; false converts, the sinners prayer, & the acceptance gospel,’ by Bill Rhetts

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In this message I discuss the Biblical identities (attributes) of a born-again Christian, and how we are to test and examine ourselves. I also discuss the emergent churches ‘acceptance gospel.’ The false deity of ‘me, myself and I.’ As well as why there are so many false converts in the church within America. Is there such thing as a church ‘roll call’ that saves you? Does repeating a sinners prayer save you? Are they Biblical?

Disclaimer: It was brought to my attention by another brother, who thought that my comments about me not liking to use the word “believer” was off base. Yes it is true that the word ‘believer’ is a Biblical word. However, todays modern day English word ‘believe’, does not mean the same as the Biblical Greek word ‘believe.’ For a Biblical definition of the word ‘believe,’ or ‘believer,’ please view this video. Remember in 1st Cor 6:9, Paul did warn many that attended church, that they would not inherit the kingdom of God. Why, because they “practiced” those sins. They may have ‘believed,’ but they weren’t Biblical ‘believers.’ I believe that many who attend churches today, may not be Biblical ‘believers.’ They may be the ones that Paul warned about in 1st Cor 6.

This ‘acceptance gospel’ is from Satan Himself. It’s sad how many are sitting in church buildings today that think they’re saved, when there not. Jesus did warn about that in Matthew 7:21-23. These fast food sinners prayers, and just “Accept Jesus” ideologies are of Satan. What’s even worse, are those “evangelists” that unbiblically tell people to “accept Jesus” to be saved. They are the deceivers of those that have been deceived. Therefore they are in fact false teachers.

As I’ve said for years, too many have formed Jesus into a figment of their own imagination, rather than submit themselves to the image of Christ. It is another form of idolatry. We must come to Christ on His terms, according to His Gospel. We must repent from sound biting all those ‘whosoever’ verses. We must teach the ‘whole council of the Word of God.’

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