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Men, be watchful of books given to your family – Federal Headship

The original sin in the garden was named after Adam – aka the first Adam, not Eve. Albeit Eve sinned in the garden, Adam was responsible. So it was thru Adam that sin entered the entire human race (Rom 5:12). Adam is the predecessor of sin and representative of all mankind (aka federal headship).   Therefore, today’s husbands

Donating more books Dispensationalism, Arminianism & Pragmatism

Though I am very appreciative of the many books I have read and accumulated over many decades. But when they are no longer in use, and become mere dust collectors, and/or are doctrinally indifferent, then it’s time to redistribute another box of books, which makes more room for new books (or more solid old books).

Who are my favorites?

Though I fall short, ever since I can remember, as per the authority of Jude 3, I’ve strived to obey the Hapax Legomenon and command to earnestly contend for the faith (epagōnizomai). But sadly, today, instead of contending for the faith, or giving a defense via apologetics, many wrongfully contend for or defend their favorite

This book burning’s for you! 🔥

Many will laugh, some will mock, others will be angry with me, but a minority will appreciate this; so, let her rip. One of the greatest disappointments (or offenses) I see in today’s Christendom, is the sinister idolatry of celebrity pastors, books, and / or authors. On many Facebook groups, its more about man than

A look at the book ‘Biblical Eldership,’ by Alexander Strauch

One of the greatest setbacks amongst some denominations, is they have too many extra-biblical requirements for the office of elder, as well as for membership, and/or other positions. At one church, I was in the process of becoming a member. But they were a little taken back by my open-air ministry. To become a member they

Learning and discerning through my private study in Ephesians 5:1-21

I’ve been doing a study on, and meditating on Ephesians 5:1-21, walking in love, the light & wisdom. Particularly because I want to walk more circumspectly, and better discern when I might be ‘in sin’ in regards to whom I associate with, or where to draw that line while walking amongst the unregenerate. One of