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The funeral service of Dr. R.C. Sproul

In this video you will hear many wonderful eulogies, a message that glorifies God, that exalts Christ, and a choir that does the same. The song that followed the main message was amazingly beautiful. I would have loved to have witnessed that 7-hour meeting amongst the scholars, whereas Sproul stood-up on top of the table,

Video Evangelizing a National Police Week / Peace Officers Memorial event

Today via an invitation from another, the Lord provided a huge opportunity to evangelize this National Police Week / Peace Officers Memorial Day event, held at the San Bernardino Police Dept. The police officers present were representatively from the entire San Bernardino County, which is the largest county in the Nation. I distributed approximately 200

My report on a 1-week counter-terrorism open-air campaign, in response to International Terrorist Jihads here in San Bernardino and Redlands, California (lots of videos – Gospel-centric – Christ-centric)

Ever since the two Jihadists Syed Farook and Tashfeen Malik, et.al. devastated our community, I’ve been responding with the Sword of the Lord. I have infiltrated several of these locations by penetrating them with the Gospel, utilizing multiple methods of evangelism. I have chosen to not upload a lot of the video footage, specifically some