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Video Evangelizing DTLA via Bicycle

My Cardiologist admonished me to lose more weight, but the good news is to counter my cardiomyopathy he is allowing me to “increase” my cardio exercise with more intensity. So I’m back on a bicycle. I love evangelizing Downtown Los Angeles (DTLA), but the traffic and parking is always a setback. So I have decided

Video Evangelizing the Grand Re-Opening of the LAPD Academy

Note: The tracts were distributed ‘before and after’ the actual ceremony. All conversations were removed. On this great day of the Lord I had the privilege of evangelizing this historical Los Angeles police event. My goal was to get a Gospel tract into as many hands as possible. By the grace and providence of the

Video Stoplight Preaching on the Hollywood Walk of Fame (a sermon jam)

One of the benefits of preaching the Gospel in Hollywood, is its tourism. Henceforth all in one place, the Gospel is preached to those that are from either Jerusalem, Judaea, Samaria, and/or unto the uttermost parts of the earth (Acts 1:8). Music “Grass”, by Silent Partner. For another video from this same outreach, click here.

The Legendary Ladies Luncheon, then evangelizing the Sunset Strip

The Legendary Ladies Luncheon, then Evangelizing the Sunset Strip Today I attended the annual Legendary Ladies Luncheon. Which was held at the famous Taix French Country Cuisine located in Los Angeles. The banquet room was a full house. Hundreds of years ago the LAPD badge depicted the name “Policeman.” Then in the 20th century a

Video of “The Gospel Invasion of the Boardwalk – Venice Beach”

On Friday we evangelized the infamous Boardwalk in Venice Beach (LAPD Pacific Division). As my partner Daniel stated “It’s a 2-mile open bar,” where sinister activity is highly encouraged. The Boardwalk is full of hippies, sorcerers, the occult, even a black man that claims to be Christ. This is an internationally known tourist attraction, hence