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Video returning to the church I was saved at, during a gun battle

While preaching in the streets of Northeast L.A., I decided to visit the church that I was saved at, during an ‘active shooter’ incident. It was not a coincidence that I met Raul today. He remembered the shooting, and had knowledge about the main suspect that died that day. Please pray for Raul, he’s a

Video Preaching the Gospel to a Squad of LAPD officers

Once my original video on the ‘Stanley Cup’ outreach was published, it was suggested by a Christian police officer that I publish this excerpt as a stand-alone video. When Jesus said in Mark 16:15 to “Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature,” that includes police officers. To God be

Video stop light preaching in Los Angeles

Sadly this is the only video I have from today’s outreach. I accidently had my GoPro settings set on “still photo” rather than “video.” I saturated downtown Los Angeles with lots of tracts (Law & Gospel). Also did a lot of ‘crying out’ & stop light preaching. Personnel from the LAPD Admin Building were also