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Video of Pastor Zephaniah and his team attempting to personally minister to Abortion Doctor Robert Santella, at his personal office

You may remember last year when Pastor Zephaniah and co-laborers were ministering at the front door steps of the ‘Family Planning Associates’ abortion clinic, located on Miramar Road in San Diego, Calif. That is when Abortion Doctor Robert Santella approached Zephaniah. Santella escalated the situation by going ‘chest to chest’ with Zephaniah, all the while

Video open-air preaching at an abortion mill, whereas many ‘professing’ Christians were present, and the police respond (all private conversations were removed)

xBy Gods grace today I was able to put my boots back on the ground. I bet these landscapers didn’t realize they would be attending a church service. That’s where pulpits should also be, in the gutters, the highways, hedges, and byways. Yesterday I had shared on Facebook that sadly many ‘professing’ Christians were at