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The internet is brutal to those who desire to Imitatio Christi

The liberal’s slanderous race card has finally been declined like a maxed-out credit card. But Christians still have to contend with Evangelicalism and big Eva pulling their three favorite misused cards. And they are, you’re a 1) legalist, 2) self-righteous, and/or 3) holier than thou. Fact check. There is nothing good about me except the

An Exposition of Psalm 27, by Pastor Bill Rhetts

This exposition is a lesson and an exhortation on the benefits of trusting in God, and putting our confidence in Christ. That the Lord’s people need not fear the corona virus, the political climate, losing our constitution, not even death. And what about that clandestine relocation.

What is a church sanctuary?

Disclaimer: Though architecture is important, I am not speaking in the context of the architecture of the building. Nonetheless, I am speaking of how the congregation meets. Let me first say what a sanctuary is not. The sanctuary of a church is not a country club, a social club, a recreational room, a community center,

A Call to Separation, by Arthur Pink (a must read)

Sadly today when Christ’s bond slaves (aka Christians) obey this command (Holy Spirit willing), pseudō-Christians wrongfully call them a legalist, pharisee, or self-righteous. But I say to them, examine the Scriptures, and test yourself to see if you’re even saved (2 Corinthians 13:5-6). Even a couple of Elders I know (via social media), seem to

Short video ‘Jesus did not come for Social change,’ by John MacArthur

Though Christians should be engaged in our culture, as we love our neighbor, but not without being ‘salt and light.’ Apparently many don’t understand what being ‘salt and light’ truly is (according to the Scriptures). Furthermore, Christians are commanded to go out and preach (or share) the glorious Gospel, that is the paramount remedy. Having