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Video of ‘The hellbound Gangster killed by a hellbound Cop’

A street preacher said on social media that we shouldn’t give our testimonies, “because nobody cares!” So I decided to give my testimony. I used that bloody crime scene, to point them to the bloody cross. One man’s attitude did a 180, after speaking with me later (perhaps repentance). And as I was leaving, many

Pastor Justin Trevino on ‘Should you move for a Church or plant one?’

A large portion of my born-again Christian social media friends are in need of a Biblical healthy local church (they’re scattered sheep). If you’re one of them, perhaps this testimony will encourage you. Once Justin Trevino realized that his church (former) was unbiblical, he was at a crossroads. There were no healthy churches near him.

The video of Rachael Denhollander giving her victim impact statement, at the sentence hearing of Dr. Larry Nassar, whereas she shares the Gospel with Nassar, et.al.

On Wednesday, January 24th, 2018, victim Rachael Denhollander gave this articulate ‘victim impact statement’ at the sentence hearing of defendant Larry Nassar. During this phase of the trial, over 100 victims gave impact statements, but Denhollander’s stands out. Why? Because she shared the Gospel with her perpetrator. She warned him of God’s judgement and wrath,

The “Never Quit” video for Law Enforcement (warning graphic)

Though this video is a secular video, it has an important message. My Christian-Biblical worldview has helped me in my Law Enforcement career, but my career has also helped me in the ministry. One of those attributes (through the school of hard knocks), was to “never quit” or demonstrate ‘perseverance’ through trials and temptations. One