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Voddie Baucham warns of the trends of sentimentalism, emotionalism, mysticism & anti-intellectualism within the ‘church’

While speaking on apologetics, Dr. Voddie Baucham warns about the emergent churches 11th Commandment “Thou shall be nice.” As well as the trends of sentimentalism, emotionalism, mysticism and anti-intellectualism within the ‘church.’ Ever notice that those whom speak against a higher education, are usually those without it? Though there are some forms of education that

Video message on ‘A Biblical Worldview on Abortion,’ by Voddie Baucham

On March 12, 2013 Dr. Baucham delivered this keynote message during the Pregnancy Care Center’s donor banquet, in Clovis California. He is correct that the best way to fight abortion, is by being Christ-centered, and Gospel-centered. Too many (including evangelicals) have replaced the Gospel with man-centric methodologies. Voddie talks about Gods “declaration of war.” He

Video on ‘Relationships with Unbelievers,’ by Voddie Baucham

Amen regarding the context of marriage. Additionally, if you have anyone in your life that’s not a blood washed, repentant, born-again Christian; they are not your friend. They should be your mission field. An excerpt from: “True Love”, part 2 of 4 in Voddie’s series “Love and Marriage. Pastor Voddie, you’ve been tagged (again.)

Video ‘What is Repentance and Faith?,’ by Voddie Baucham

What is Repentance and Faith?, by Voddie Baucham As Voddie said, “One must enter through the Narrow Gate (Jesus Christ) by Repentance and Faith.” Because there is no salvation without repentance. Being just a ‘believer,’ simply makes you not an atheist. This is a excerpt from his sermon “The wide and the Narrow Gate.” Pastor