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Sermon audio of Proverbs Chapter 6 (Ants vs sluggards & lazy men bond slaved to welfare, Satan’s socialism, discord sowers vs rightly dividing the Word of truth)

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This 38 minute expository teaching of Proverbs Chap 6, includes but is not limited to ~

  • The warnings of making promises, sureties, & pledges
  • The folly of indolence, sluggards, & lazy men
  • Being a bond slave to the State (and welfare) vs being a bond slave to Christ
  • How Satan loves it when people submit to entitlement
  • How Satan loves Christians to become slaves to their State (aka socialism.)
  • The wisdom & work ethic of the ant compared to some men
  • How so many cops commit one sin more than outlaw Hells Angels MC members
  • The wicked man & the seven things the Lord hates
  • The fatal consequences of adultery
  • The ant vs the tick
  • Discord sowers vs the time when division in the church can be good, and
  • A call to repentance.

Sermon jam on PROVERBS Chapter 6:6-11 (entire sermon is below)

Here’s an audio of this sermon on Proverbs Chapter 6

Proverbs Chapter 6 - by Bill Rhetts