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The Superbowl “He Gets Us” ad is blasphemy

Though I did not watch the Superbowl game and have not watched one in decades. I woke up this morning to see my social media platforms lit up about one of the Superbowl ads – He Gets Us.  The ad is a photo collage (artwork) of people washing others’ feet. Their agenda is to teach their views

My favorite preacher and sermon is…

Christian chatter on the internet today sounds too much like the world. They follow celebrity pastors like rock stars or movie actors. Even to the point of defending, or making excuses for their err, rather than earnestly contend for the faith. This Christendom has become elementary and shallow. Perhaps a kindergarten Christianity. As I’ve said

Ten Shekels and a Shirt, a must-hear sermon by Paris Reidhead

The late Paris Reidhead was undoubtedly one of the best preachers of the Twentieth Century. He preached this powerful sermon in 1965. I can only imagine what he would say today.  As I’ve warned the brethren many times, most have too high a view of man, or as Paris said a “reverence for life,” to

The blasphemous politization of Proverbs 29:2

I’m seeing various Proverbs 29:2 memes posted similar to this. Though we can apply this to our current circumstances in America, this verse is not speaking specifically of America or her politics. And it’s certainly not speaking of Donald Trump. Surely according to the worlds standards, Trump was a far better president than Biden. But

Donating more books Dispensationalism, Arminianism & Pragmatism

Though I am very appreciative of the many books I have read and accumulated over many decades. But when they are no longer in use, and become mere dust collectors, and/or are doctrinally indifferent, then it’s time to redistribute another box of books, which makes more room for new books (or more solid old books).

Coach Joe Kennedy’s ecumenicalism should concern the Church

According to the ideals of our nation, what Coach Joe Kennedy said was accurate but not Biblical. Though we benefit from the constitution, according to the Scriptures, there is only one true God and faith. This post will anger those who have made idols of sports, America, or the constitution. But we need to think

Has G3 Josh Buice & Paul Washer become Big Eva?

As you know I made a podcast calling out Josh Buice and Paul Washer for their false teaching and application on Romans 13. A fruit of that teaching was the cowardly closure of churches during Covid. Had it been their own private decision between their Elders, I would have remained silent. But what provoked me to

Who are my favorites?

Though I fall short, ever since I can remember, as per the authority of Jude 3, I’ve strived to obey the Hapax Legomenon and command to earnestly contend for the faith (epagōnizomai). But sadly, today, instead of contending for the faith, or giving a defense via apologetics, many wrongfully contend for or defend their favorite

Pushing back against the increase of #Nationalism in the church

Based on social media posts and conversations I’ve had with some; it is obvious that many are becoming faithlessly desperate for a better nation. And for most of them, their solutions are not Biblical, but rather are carnal, secular, political, and/or pragmatic. Consequently, I’m seeing a rapid increase of bringing nationalism into the church, and a