Psalm 53

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An exposition of Psalm 53 – I apply vs 5 to a comparison between the Coronavirus vs the AIDS virus

James Montgomery Boice said this,

“When Magic Johnson, the handsome professional basketball personality, revealed that he had AIDS (acquired immune deficiency syndrome) the first, immediate reaction of the sportswriters and pundits was jubilation that at last we had an attractive way to look at the killer disease. One newspaper I read actually spoke of the “smiling face of AIDS,” because Magic Johnson is so often seen smiling. Another paper said that we now know that AIDS is not a danger only for some groups of people, but that anyone can get it. That is not true, of course. AIDS is not acquired by those who obey the moral law of God, except in a few tragic cases involving the transfusion of contaminated blood. So far as the “smiling face of AIDS” is concerned, anyone can smile at the beginning. It is the end that is horrible, and there are few deaths that are as horrible as those of AIDS sufferers.”