Isaiah chapter 53

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Isaiah chapter 53, an expository teaching by Bill Rhetts (graphic video imagery included)

John 3:16 is one of the most misquoted verses in the Bible and is not the Gospel. What Christ endured on His cross is not the romanticized love story #BigEva tells. It was the Father’s Holy Hellbent Hatred of sin & sinners. So much so, the Father killed His Son because of the sin of those He gave to His Son. It was the great exchange of sin & righteousness for the elect and His love for those He saved from His wrath. 

The Latin phrase Totum Pro Vulnere Corpus means His whole body, one great wound. And the only way to better understand what Christ’s body went thru, for His blood bought bride, is thru the whole counsel of God.

As it’s been said by others hundreds of years ago. Isaiah 53 is the “marrow of the Gospel,” and is a great place to start….