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We’re three months into being Tennesseans

Well, we’ve been residents of Tennessee for 12 weeks, and we’re ahead of schedule. Though I will not disclose all of the work we’ve completed on our homestead, last Friday was a busy day. One fellow began the construction of our livestock shelter in one of our pastures. Another company and their fine men replaced

Angus, Birds, Deer, Donkey & Fowl, all from the porch

Usually, the Deer congregate on the back side of our homestead, and they prefer the dark early morning hours. But this evening while taking a break on the front porch, I saw this White Tail Doe and was able to grab a zoomable camera just in time. It beats the city, that’s for darn sure.   

Fenced-in a small backyard for our Dogs

Back in Commifornia our dogs had a beautiful enclosed backyard. But since we’ve been in Tennessee, they’ve been stuck in the house most of the time – until today. Thankfully my wife does not give me a ‘to do’ list, but I do make my own. Though this was a small project, it sure will

Meet our Black Angus & Donkey

Coming as city slickers from the overpopulated Los Angeles area, having ten acres is huge for us. But once we settled in, we realized our ten acres and farm life was only a drop in the bucket compared to what true farmers have in this rural country. Nonetheless, we are thankful for what the Lord

I’ve joined the Razor community

Rather than a UTV with a dump truck bed for work on our homestead, we decided to go with this machine. We purchased the Razor XP 1000 Premium edition. I’ll be selling my car (which is in storage), and this will become my primary vehicle in the country, and my wife will still have her

Preparing for my Wifes Donkey

I am preparing this portion of our property for a new addition to our family – my Wifes Jackass, et.al. This task includes but is not limited to. The removing of an old barbwire fence, replacing it with cattle fencing, and adding two gates.

Barn Swallows in our porch pillars

I saw remnants of mud above this pillar and thought it was from the wasps we see around, so I was getting ready to spray it. But thankfully before spraying, we saw Barn Swallows landing there. When we sit on the porch, they make it clear that we’re not welcome. Though my video did not