My video of the WWI Veterans Memorial Cross story in the Mohave Desert (short version)

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Salt and LightThis visit and video was made in 2009:

In 1934, WWI Veterans erected a cross on a hill top out in the middle of nowhere. It was a way of memorializing the deaths of their comrades. This became their place of reunion, solitude and prayer.

However, one man alleges that the cross offended him. He then filed a law suit with the ACLU. Sadly a federal judge ordered this cross to be taken down or concealed until further adjudication. The United States Supreme Court has just agreed to hear the case. In the meantime, the cross is covered with plywood. The cross is appropriate on Government land, because America was founded on Judeo Christian principles.

With no apologies we support our veterans. Moreover, we support the cross. We took a trip to the Mohave desert to see for ourselves. We had church, praise music, and communion. Below is a video of our visit.

We there before the U.S. Supreme Courts made their decision. The updates of this legal battle are in inputted below the video.

Update 10-07-09: As of today, the Court is in session hearing this case, PRAY! If any of you have breaking news or comments from any of the Justices, feel free to input them into the below comments section. Please include your source of reference.

04-28-10: The U.S. Supreme Court just ruled in favor of the Christian Cross.

05-11-10: Some anti-Christ vandals and thieves just stole the Cross (any information as to who stole the cross, please leave a message at 1 800 470-2926)

08-15-11: In late September or October we will be holding another church service at this location. Rather than keeping it small, this time many others will be carpooling up there from different home churches. This church service will be on TBA Saturday morning at 10:00AM. For further updates, you’ll need to either re-visit this link or simply subscribe to our infrequent blog posts. That can be done via the upper right hand corner of this blog.

11-16-11: Sadly yesterday the federal ranger cops took the newest replica cross down. If you find another cross put back up, my prints are all over that CRIME scene. Come and get me!

04-25-12: Good news a federal judge has authorized a “land swap” whereas the VFW now owns this land. Praise the Lord for this, and thanks to those that prayed and that acted out in defense of this cross. Sadly too many Christians didn’t even care about it.

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