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The unbiblical Jesus, that so many believe in today

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Like the Corinthians then, many ‘believers’ today have mitigated the inerrancy of the Word of God. They believe in a truncated, redacted, unbiblical Jesus. Are they actually saved Christians? Or, are they just ‘believers’? The Jesus of the Bible, wants us to repent before it’s too late. Jesus asked His own disciples, “Who do you say that I Am?” However, our belief must be more than head knowledge. There must be a changed heart, and a changed life.

This ‘acceptance gospel’ is from Satan Himself. It’s sad how many are sitting in church buildings today that think they’re saved, when there not. Jesus did warn about that in Matthew 7:21-23. These fast food sinners prayers, and just “Accept Jesus” ideologies are of Satan. What’s even worse, are those “evangelists” that unbiblically tell people to “accept Jesus” to be saved. They are the deceivers of those that have been deceived. Therefore they are in fact false teachers.

As I’ve said may times before. “We must repent from this false deity of ‘me, myself, and I.’ We must repent from forming Jesus into a figment of our own imagination (idolatry,) rather instead we must submit to the image of Jesus, as the Christ. We must come to Christ on His terms, according to His Gospel. We must repent from sound biting all those ‘whosoever’ verses. We must teach the ‘whole counsel of the Word of God.’”

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