Psalm 20

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Regretfully I was heavy on quotes, I repent. This psalm fits the occasion of a ‘prayer service’ or a ‘prayer and sacrifice’ on the eve of battle.

Similarly, back in 1942 when Japan attacked Pearl Harbor, an Army Chaplain was asked to lead them into battle via a prayer.

History tells us,

“In the heat of the battle, he was asked by the men to say a prayer for them, as they were afraid that those were the last moments of their lives. It is said that the chaplain lay down his Bible, manned one of the machine guns and shouted: “Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammunition”. This gesture boosted the morale of the soldiers and they continued the defense of the harbor.”

David prays that his prayer be heard by God. As the prayer sacrifice is offered up, he (or they) pray that God accepts his prayer, and that their plans succeed.

The division of this sermon is as the following.

  • Vs 1-5 is The People’s Prayer & success for the King
  • Vs 6 is the Kings response
  • Vs 7 is The People’s Confident Prayer
  • Vs 8 declares the defeat of the foe, and
  • Vs 9 is a concluding appeal to Jehovah God.