Psalm 51 (Confession, Repentance, Restoration & Joy)

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I found this sermon and thought I’d upload it on my channel.

I preached this sermon on January 10th, 2021. Just four days after the J6 protest at the U.S. Capitol, and soon after Biden became president. Sadly, many in our church allowed those events to discourage or distract them. I strived to get their minds off America and fixed upon Him.

This is an exposition of Psalm 51. Applying the confession of sin, repentance, and receiving the benefits of restoration & joy. As well as our command to preach the gospel out in the world.

A Biblical joy is not a mere smile or what Gomer Pyle or Joel Osteen manifest. Biblical joy is in the Lord and of the Lord. It is a fruit of God’s Holy Spirit that all of His elect has. Biblical joy rejoices in all circumstances, including our deathbed, even when about to be martyred.

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