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Pastor Matt Trewhella calls out WI State Assembly for legalizing abortion

In this must-see video pastor Matt Trewhella rebukes States Legislators for legalizing the murder of the pre-born. Unlike most “pro-lifers” today. Trewhella demonstrates a Biblical masculinity, with no sloppy agapé, no greasy grace, no false humility, and no attempt to bring a peaceableness that is contra-Scriptura. And he does so while reciting God’s Word and

An angry woman at Planned Murderhood

God will not be mocked. The Church and her people cannot negate nor skirt their responsibility to obey the Great Commission themselves, lest they be in the sin of omission. Writing someone else a check to do the work we’re commanded to do won’t cut it. When we give an account to God, that check

Imprecatory Prayers Against President Joseph Biden – Podcast 61

President Biden recently committed blasphemy (again) against Almighty God. After playing that video, I discuss covenant theology vs. dispensationalism, and then imprecatory prayers. Regarding my comments against public schools, I failed to mention the solution, which is homeschooling. If the Secret Service desires to visit my home, you’re wasting your valuable time. As while I

An Exposition of Psalm 76, by Pastor Bill Rhetts

While doing expository teaching on this chapter, I also applied the importance of believing in the God of these Scriptures. As one woman yesterday that was killing her child at an abortion mill, claimed to already believe in both God and Jesus. I also discussed the importance of the Doctrine of Divine Impassibility, as well

A Reformed Baptist Pastor @ Planned Parenthood

I rarely upload evangelism videos anymore, but here’s one. This is an excerpt only; the private encounters and conversations were omitted. Too many professing Christians seemingly have made a golden calf out of the pro-life cause, perhaps even of the fetus. I watched a pro-life documentary, and oh, how it was man centered. The Triunity