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PANDEMIC Preaching @ Costco – preached from 3 sides

Preaching during the Coronavirus lockdown. I gave two very brief sermonettes on their property. But once I was respectfully escorted off, I preached from the sidewalk at full volume. Interestingly, several in the parking lot told me they wanted to hear more. The harvest is ripe, but the laborers are few.   This video premieres

PANDEMIC PREACHING @ TARGET during the Lockdown 💞💝❗

After seeing another cowardly pastor discouraging Christians online from sharing the Gospel with a lost and dying world. And after seeing how they deceptively claim they are “loving our neighbors,” and are being “pro-life” by shutting their churches and staying home, I tweeted the following this morning. “There was a Christianity willing to die for

Preaching during the CoronaVirus Pandemic Lockdown – Walmart

During the epicenter of this virus, where Christianity is highly illegal, Christians were preaching the Gospel in the streets of Wuhan China. So how much more should Christians in America, where Christianity is legal, preach His glorious Gospel along the highways and hedges. I am also preaching at other locations, including the busier intersections.

Preaching @ Costco during Governors “Stay at Home Order”

Today was the first day of California’s official ‘Stay Home’ order executed by our Governor (via Executive Order). However, he did say we could go to the “department store.” While the State tells everyone to “Do The Five!” The Church does its five. 1. Equip, 2. Send, 3. Go, 4. Preach, 5. And make Disciples.

Preached you need sponsorship to enter heaven, lest you go to hell

Currently I am street preaching through the book of Hebrews at various locations. This morning I preached from Hebrew 7:22-25. Interestingly two unrelated ladies interjected themselves into my sermon, then one man (as I preached) asked me “do you have a smoke,” so I warned him (and the others) of the “smoke of your torment”