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Pastor tries to silence Preacher @ Disneyland – Podcast #60

Preaching the glorious Gospel in the streets of California, the land of fruits and nuts is always a challenge and a blessing. In this video, you will see (or hear) my beloved friend Ronnie herald the Gospel at Disneyland. Disneyland spends an enormous amount of its patron’s money financing the homosexual agenda, as they indoctrinate

Evangelizing another COVID-19 Testing Site in Loma Linda

By God’s grace, I have been able to toil the soil at many Covid-19 testing sites. Though I do not upload all videos, here’s another of many outreaches, as well as some of my Tweets regarding testing sites. I can’t think of anything more confidential and personal than our God-given DNA genetic code. In the

Evangelized more COVID-19 Testing Sites in Redlands

The San Bernardino County states these, “Community COVID-19 testing sites are being held throughout San Bernardino County. Samples will be collected using a swab in the nostril. These samples are then sent to a lab to test for the virus that causes COVID-19 (SARS‑CoV‑2 virus).” But my Gospel tracts warn the populace that we’re all

Pushing back against the increase of #Nationalism in the church

Based on social media posts and conversations I’ve had with some; it is obvious that many are becoming faithlessly desperate for a better nation. And for most of them, their solutions are not Biblical, but rather are carnal, secular, political, and/or pragmatic. Consequently, I’m seeing a rapid increase of bringing nationalism into the church, and a

Preached @ the Redlands DMV re-opening

The DMV in Redlands has been closed for approximately 18 months, so today I preached their reopening. It appears it might be under new management. Over the years I’ve had problems with the female supervisor who has stood in my face in an attempt to stop the preaching, she’s even called the police. The State

Multiple videos sharing the Gospel with the Police at various venues

Too many professing Christians consistently complain about the police, and from a social perspective it’s a form of antinomianism, or being against ‘law and order’ or justice. Frankly, I expect MUCH more from Pastors and professing Christians than I do the Police. Christians are a saved regenerate changed repenting people group. But like everyone else,

Been Screened @ the DMV Preaching

Since I did not have to study and prepare for a sermon for this Lord’s Day, and it was a light week, I was able to preach the Gospel daily. Here’s one of those many labors of love.