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Jews assault Christian women for evangelizing them in Israel

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Disclaimer: Evidently, prior to what’s depicted in this video, these ladies were preaching. Though we should be thankful they are evangelizing. I do not believe women should preach publicly. Therefore, I do not endorse that method of their evangelism.

In this video, you will see a group of Jews cursing, spitting on, assaulting, and kicking Christian women who were evangelizing this community.

Nonetheless, these Jews assaulting these ladies, are the Jews that dispensationalists (or Arminians) have a wrong view of regarding Israel in the Bible. Dissimilarly, when we see Israel in the Scriptures, it is often referring to the church, not the nation of Israel, or the geo-political Israel that we hear about on the news today. In other words, the Lord saves and delivers His elect out of Egypt, onto Israel the Church.

Oftentimes when the Scriptures speak of a ‘chosen people’ about “Israel,” it is speaking of those whom the Lord chose as His elect (the Church).

This is another reason why my voting platform for a President is not ‘do they support Israel the nation.’ But what do they think of the Godhead, His Church, and His Scriptures? Do they have a Biblical worldview? That is my voting platform. I am more pro-Christ than I am geo-political Israel. Today’s Jews need salvation just as badly as Muslims, the Chinese, Iranians, or North Koreans.

Back to the video. I appreciate the part where the hem of her dress landed the guy on his butt.

To know how a Jew or non-Jew might be saved (God willing), read this Good News.

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