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Bill Rhetts has enjoyed a colorful career path. Including but not limited to, he has served our communities as a journeyman meat cutter with Safeway Stores Inc., where he was promoted to manager.

He then became a policeman working a variety of assignments and positions. He also provided executive protection for celebrities and VIP clients, was a Professor of Criminal Justice and serves as a California State licensed private investigator (Lic #23442).

After the Lord saved him (both physically & spiritually) during a gun battle at a Church, he began serving the Lord under the umbrella of his local church, hospital clergy, the chaplaincy, and various ministries.

His undergraduate studies were in Biblical Studies (with a concentration in Pastoral Ministries); and through his postgraduate studies at LBU, he earned his Master’s degree in Bible and Theology. 

His most recent call was pastoring a Reformed Baptist church that embraced the five fundamental Doctrines of Grace, and that practices a Regulative Principle of Worship, Covenant Theology, and a full-strict subscription to the 1689 London Baptist Confession of Faith. 

Politically he describes himself as being “to the right of today’s Republican party” and is registered as an Independent. 

In 1999 a liberal newspaper described him as a “Far right Christian extremist.” Though that was not helpful to his police career, today he considers that accusation a “badge of honor.”

By God’s grace, he continues to enjoy evangelismexpository Bible teachingopen-air preaching, and podcasting. Both he and his wife enjoy ham radio, the outdoors via being a Mariner, camping, fishing, off-roadingRVing. and the country life

He describes himself as an “ordinary sinner saved by an Extraordinary Savior.” Or as “nothing but excrement in God’s holy hand.” 

“And I thank Christ Jesus our Lord, who hath enabled me, for that he counted me faithful, putting me into the ministry” (1st Timothy 1:12).

Update: In March 2022 we purchased a home in rural country Tennessee.

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