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Breaking News – IPOC Podcasts (Godcasts) coming soon

I already spend a great deal of time responding to questions asked in either YouTube comments, emails, or through various social media platforms. So why not respond to them like a radio show, or studio format. Henceforth, IPOC Podcasts (aka Godcasts). So if you have any questions related to what the Bible says about a

2019 Financial update, and 10,000 more Gospel tracts

In keeping our word for ‘financial transparency,’ the following is our ‘year to date’ financial report for 2019. Income: $1,193.71 Expense:  $497.50 A breakdown of those expenses: Bank charges $128.00 Computer / web site maintenance $142.50 Credit card merchant services $50.00 Franchise Tax Board $50.00 Postage / PO Box rental $53.00 Conferences & meetings $48.00

America’s most prolific serial killer – Samuel Little

Though Samuel Little’s confessions have forensic penitential value, but will he ever become Biblically repentant? Truth is, if God chooses this serial killer to become one of His elect, then the Lord will grant him repentance, and his confessions will then go to God; rather than through man. And if Little becomes saved, he will