John Piper & Alister Begg preaching at 2024 Shepherds Conference?

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With the understandable controversy over Alister Begg preaching at the 2024 Shepherds Conference (more about that here), I decided to look at their speaker lineup.


According to the below video, John Piper is an egalitarian. Though the Scriptures forbid a woman to teach, preach, or demonstrate authority over men, and to remain silent in the church (1 Tim 2:12). Piper preaches alongside Beth Moore at the 2012 Passion Conference. As I’ve said before, a little egalitarianism egalitarians the whole lump. 


Piper is also a continuationist, who engages in the extra-biblical practice of Lectio Divina and Contemplative Prayer. In the below video, you will also see Piper and Moore doing so alongside Francis Chan, Louie Giglio, and Lecrae.

Though I’m not a MacArthur fan. Why would Grace Community Church put a man like Piper, who is an egalitarian and a continuationist in their pulpit?

So, what’s a solution to this problem? Men, get a refund for the insane amount of money you paid for the Shepherds conference, and as MacArthur said at another conference, I was present at – “Go Home!” 

Hence, it’s time to re-post this video.

Update 02/01/24: Alister Begg is no longer speaking at the Shepherds conference. However, I have since learned that Begg has preached alongside Beth Moore as well. Gender confusion belongs out in the world, not in the church.

Feminist Beth Moore, John Piper, Francis Chan, Louie Giglio & Lecrae at the 2012 Passion Conference – false teachers.


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