2 Timothy

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Below is a verse by verse, precept by precept, expository teaching thru the Epistle of 2 Timothy. Taught by Bible Expositor Bill Rhetts

Chapter 3:1-5:

In this video I give an exegetical teaching of Gods prophetic Word in regards to many end-times warnings. I go over each characteristic and attribute of today’s false converts, wolves, (and/or false teachers). I also share some personal experiences, and how Christians must avoid these sins. Some of those personal experiences are –

  • How a form of apostasia (ἀποστασία, ας, ἡ) caused a local pastor to fall away from the inerrancy and sufficiency of the Scriptures.
  • How an executive pastors sin of philarguros (φιλάργυρος) effected their local church.
  • How the sin of alazón (ἀλαζών, όνος, ὁ) effected the Director of a local ministry (as he esteems his knowledge, his ministry, and/or his web site over a formal university or seminary education).
  • How the sin of huperephanos (ὑπερήφανος, ον) has infiltrated some within the open-air preaching community, as well as the pro-life community.

And lastly, a call to arms!