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Here I will occasionally discuss Theology, Doctrine, and Christian worldviews on current events, controversial topics, Law Enforcement issues, and/or the Criminal Justice system (former CJ Instructor). And doing so while demonstrating apologetics * (1 Pet. 3:15), and polemics (2 Cor.10:5).

And sometimes I’ll discuss outdoor activities such as excursions, camping, kayak fishingoff-roading, and RVing. Eventually, for some of my Podcasts, I will prerecord telephonic interviews of guests through my RØDECaster™ Pro integrated production system.

Our web sites Podcast hashtag is here, the correct hashtag for social media is #TheExpositorsPodcast.

* Though I engage in apologetics, I do not consider myself an apologist, and I rarely upload my conversations evangelizing others. As I stated in another post, “Every born-again Christian is called to evangelize, but not every Christian is an evangelist (which I am). And the same goes with apologetics. Every Christian is called to engage in apologetics, but not every Christian is an apologist (which I am not).” Frankly I see too much boasting, pride, and man-centeredness amongst those who call themselves apologists; and God is a jealous God. Biblical apologetics will contend for the faith, and defend the faith, as well as sound doctrine while worshiping Christ. On the contrary, Americanized apologetics is very man-centered, as they defend their favorite preachers or their celebrity pastors. What type of apologist are you? Moreover, as Dr. Voddie Baucham said, “Is your apologetics calling God a liar?” Because the Gospel is the power of God onto salvation. Through all of my evangelism and/or apologetics efforts, I have never been successful in getting a sinner to repent, convert, or change their mind otherwise. Because it is GOD who does this, not me. I’m nothing but a worm in His hand. Let us boast 100% in Him, not in ourselves. Soli Deo Gloria!