Kobe Bryant’s Religion & my analysis of Pastor Greg Laurie’s “thoughts” on Kobe – Podcast Eps. #17 🛑❗🛑❗

After watching the world commit unrepented continual idolatry over Kobe’s death, and then seeing Pastor Greg Laurie’s video on Kobe’s death, it’s time to say the following hard truths. Semper Reformanda! Greg Laurie’s aforementioned video can be seen here. To know more about ‘life after death,’ read my Gospel tract here. My article on the heretical

Rosaria Butterfield brings her own man-centered aesthetics & philosophy into the church, while speaking terribly of many evangelists – Podcast Eps. 16 🛑

This Podcast is specifically to ladies, as they might subject themselves to the teachings of Rosaria Butterfield. In Video clip #1, Butterfield refers to Christians who evangelize homosexual events as “Sneaky little raids.” She also mocks them that say (or claim) Biblical truths such as “thus says the Lord,” and/or “the Word of God will