A sermon Peters Denials & Restoration, by Pastor Steve Marquedant

Today our Church was blessed to have Pastor Steve Marquedant of Sovereign Grace Reformed Baptist Church fill our pulpit. Steves sermon entitled Peters Denials & Restoration was taken out of Luke 22, as well as other passages. I thank the Lord for this exhortation, at such a time as this. Please subscribe to this fairly

An Exposition of Psalm 8, by Bill Rhetts

Today was a wonderful Lord’s day. Brother Mike led worship in the singing of hymns, and the reading of Scriptures. I preached the below exposition on Psalm 8. Brothers Robin and Mike assisted with communion. We also had a visit from a wonderful family, and we all enjoyed much fellowship with them. The congregation participated

Baby Stingray (or Sand Shark), foul hook, catch & release

Today I concentrated on large fish only, and went about 15 miles out. Thought I’d share my baby Stingray (or Sand Shark), foul hook, catch & release. “And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness: and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl

An Exposition of Psalm 12 – preached at my Church

On my best day, when I’m at ‘the top of my game,’ and have my most ‘intellectual thoughts’ and strengths (which is rare these days), I am nothing but a fool for Christ, I am nothing but excrement in His hand. Let me tell you about the story of the spoon, the worm, and the

A Biblical rebuke of YouTuber Amy Rue

Amy Rue, I received your comment you submitted under this video. Since your comment was public, I will respond publicly. I see as of “Sept 10, 2020” you have a brand new YouTube channel. Is this so you can profess to be a Christian, then wrongfully criticize Heralds with your unbiblical (anti-Biblical) rhetoric? Amy, you