Four Deer on the Lord’s Day

Tonight, these four Deer were eating in our backyard. We have much more Deer than this daily on our property. But they are very camera shy, and usually, run away when they see us. This time I managed to open the squeaky door to capture this. My lens was set at 300mm. The one looking

A Luminescent Luna Moth visits our front porch  

As stated before, our front porch is a great place to relax. Today we were visited by a Luminescent Luna Moth. Our porch is also frequented by various Wildlife, Synchronous Fireflies, and some of the largest Butterflies. And sometimes we have a camera ready just in time. “If you have never seen a pearly crescent

Coach Joe Kennedy’s ecumenicalism should concern the Church

According to the ideals of our nation, what Coach Joe Kennedy said was accurate but not Biblical. Though we benefit from the constitution, according to the Scriptures, there is only one true God and faith. This post will anger those who have made idols of sports, America, or the constitution. But we need to think

My Gadsden flag is not for looks, it is a warning

My new 5’x8′ Gadsden Flag flying underneath the Tennessee flag. My Gadsden flag is not for looks; it is a warning. It is not offensive, it is defensive. In other words, I will not come to your home, office, or capitol to cause you trouble. But on the defense, if necessary, I am prepared to

What is a Regulative Principle of Worship? Visiting another Church

Recently after visiting another church, I posted the following on my Facebook wall. “Visited another church this morning. Immediately upon entering the building it looked like a scene from the movie Jaws. Then the sanctuary looked like the beach, even a surfboard, shorts, and guitars on the stage. I’ve come to accept that there’s no

Today I attempted my first gun show in Tennessee…🚫

Today I attempted my first gun show in Tennessee. While waiting I heard them warn over the PA that no CCWs were allowed inside. That’s why Tennessee has an unusually high incidence of firearms stolen from vehicles. Too many private venues won’t allow them inside. So do I, a) comply like a sheep (leaving my

The Bushwhacker and his Massey Ferguson 931X

Since the day we bought this homestead, we knew our corrals and pastures needed work, and would require ongoing maintenance. Bushwhacking would be a good start. They were overcome with thick thistles that are not edible for our furry friends. At times our Donkey disappeared as he was searching for good grass to graze on.

Throwing hay, the modern way

We hired Crazy K Ranch to do some more work on our homestead. This time they brought in dump truck loads of topsoil to compliment the manure. After their excavation on the previous job, my goal now is to turn this dirt area into grass, rather than the slippery mud that the winter brings. As

An Evangelist known on YouTube & Facebook commits suicide

I’ve been reading Facebook posts and comments regarding a professing Christian that killed himself. For this blog post, let’s call him John Doe. Tantamount to how the world normalizes homosexuality, some professing Christians are minimalizing the weightiness of his sin of suicide. Some are lauding him as a “hero” for his evangelism efforts. Many are