Evangelizing a generation of young adults (edited version)

As you’ll see in this Garmin generated graphic, while on my evangelcycle (bicycle) I covered lots of ground at the University of Redlands (UofR). Then by providence I unexpectedly saw a large event at the Redlands Bowl. And So I sowed Seeds until my Gospel tracts were gone. Music ‘I will be there,’ by Tom

Are you thirsty, in a salvific sense? (open-air preaching video)

Today while I was street preaching a message about a ‘Biblical thirst’ (dipsaō) that is responsive to salvation, this woman walked by me uttering the words “that’s ridicules!” So I responded back for all to hear. She told me “Jesus wouldn’t do that!” Later after my sermon she continued to rebuke me for rebuking her.

Sadly I’ll be pressing the ‘Pause Button’ on Paul Washer

Out of all the well-known postmodern reformed preachers, Paul Washer is the one who I’ve shared the most videos of. The last time I counted I had over 120 Paul Washer videos on my IPOC Ministries web site. Though I have learned much from Washer, and I appreciate the many things he said in this