Defining a penal substitutionary atonement, an essential but neglected doctrine

The doctrine of atonement is at the core of the Gospel. Therefore, it is essential for salvation. But through sanctification, God willing, I also believe in limited atonement, substitutionary atonement, and penal substitutionary atonement. But sadly, penal substitutionary atonement is a neglected doctrine.  Arminians and many dispensationalists don’t want to believe God hates the sinner, not just sin. And that

The Freezing Rain phenomenon, resisting the establishment

One way professing Christians can examine themselves is how their attitude responds to the weather. In California, many grown men whined when it was “too hot.” And then they grumbled when it was “too cold.” Now in Tennessee, I’m experiencing this Freezing Rain phenomenon, but thankfully I hear less complaining. I guess some of the

The Bible Belt sinfully neglects the Lord’s Supper

Over the past ten months, we’ve visited over ten churches in the Bible Belt, and are thankful for the experience. One church we remained for two months, and another church for three. Out of all those churches, and all those Lord’s Days, not one practiced the command to participate in communion, not even once. One

Tx Donkey with Pink Eye – Spray is no good

The last time I applied medicine for Pink Eye was on horses, and that was ointment. Today I went to Stockdale’s and all they had was spray, and so I applied it according to the directions. I regret not shopping for ointment. #Donkeys

Thankfully our Shop has been completed

Some of you have enjoyed going on this virtual ride with us. Thankfully our Shop has been completed, and it is already in use.  Though our radio room will not be in the shop. Hopefully, in the future, I will erect another radio tower somewhere behind it for one of our High-Frequency antennas. In the meantime, I have

Our Generac 26kW Guardian Series Whole House Generator

We’ve been in Tennessee for ten months now, and are right-on schedule in making our homestead more self-sustainable. This week an Electrician installed our Generac 26kW Guardian Series Whole House Generator. Twenty-Six thousand watts is plenty to run everything in our home. And the model we chose has more bells and whistles than we’ll ever use.

Predators in the Sky attack animal below (the after-effects)

Heard an animal screaming outside, went out to investigate. Once I realized the attack was over, or they devoured something else, I went back inside to grab a camera. By the time I set it up on a tripod, the predatory Turkey Vultures were eating their breakfast. This is proof they don’t only eat roadkill.

Christians don’t believe the LIE that doctrine does not matter

Christians don’t believe the LIE that doctrine and sound teaching is not important. Christians are to practice it, defend and contend for it, and even rebuke those who contradict it. Below is just the tip of the iceberg of what GOD says about doctrine. Titus 1:9 “He must hold firm to the trustworthy word as

Our Mama Cow came close to death

As you know, on Thanksgiving Day Mama Cow gave birth to her baby (Madeline), but yesterday Mama became extremely ill and was in respiratory distress. The two-person team that responded from our Veterinarian must have been trained in some form of Veterinary Martial Arts. To see how they were able to get this large Cow on the