National Daughters Day – is it Contra Ordo Creatus Naturalis?

Disclaimer: This is not an article or a position paper. It is merely a blog post to share my position on this subject. I am not legislating my conviction upon others. Therefore, keep your “legalist” card in your wallet. And much grace to those who disagree.  The origin of Daughters Day is India. Though India’s

Evangelizing Memphis Bus Depot

We need to make the Bible Belt Great Again. And the best way to accomplish that is thru the preaching, sharing, and teaching of the glorious Gospel. For the glory of God today I sowed lots of Gospel Seeds in downtown Memphis. At this bus depot I was able to distribute these Gospel tracts to

Preached Isaiah 53 @ my Church – the Marrow of the Gospel

Today I preached this exposition of Isaiah chapter 52:13-15 thru 53:1-12 at my church. John 3:16 is one of the most misquoted verses in the Bible and is not the Gospel. What Christ endured on His cross is not the romanticized love story #BigEva tells. It was the Father’s Holy Hellbent Hatred of sin &

Jews assault Christian women for evangelizing them in Israel

Disclaimer: Evidently, prior to what’s depicted in this video, these ladies were preaching. Though we should be thankful they are evangelizing. I do not believe women should preach publicly. Therefore, I do not endorse that method of their evangelism. In this video, you will see a group of Jews cursing, spitting on, assaulting, and kicking

Upgrading fireplace to a Skytech 5301 LCD

We’ve always had a wood-burning fireplace. But this Tennessee home is our first propane gas fireplace. We’ve grown to like it better. And now that I’ve upgraded our original Skytech system to a Sky-5301 LCD remote, we are ready to roll come winter. And now along with the on/off option, we can set the thermostat,

Why I will not be attending the 2023 G3 Conference in Atlanta

Since I’m not far from Atlanta, I was asked if I will be attending the conference. My answer is ‘no.’ The following is why, including but not limited to. I will not align myself with an organization whose leader became a registered text offender, as he molested Romans 13, apparently trying to convince others online to join

Venomous Eastern Copperhead snake

This immediate area is highly populated with snakes. I saw this venomous Copperhead about 50’ from where I spotted this Water Moccasin. I don’t always have a camera, or when I do, the snakes slither away before I get a shot. In this encounter, I was tasked with handling my snake tongs in one hand,

My sermon notes on Psalm 1, for our Sunday School class

The following are my sermon notes and commentary on Psalm 1, for our Sunday School class. By the grace of God, the glory of God, the exaltation of Christ, and the edification of His church. Brief IntroThis first Psalm was most likely written by David, and was written over 1,000 years before Christ’s birth.This first

Ten Shekels and a Shirt, a must-hear sermon by Paris Reidhead

The late Paris Reidhead was undoubtedly one of the best preachers of the Twentieth Century. He preached this powerful sermon in 1965. I can only imagine what he would say today.  As I’ve warned the brethren many times, most have too high a view of man, or as Paris said a “reverence for life,” to

Women Civil Magistrates? A must-hear sermon by Dr. Joe Morecraft

For Christians to effectively engage in apologetics while defending and contending for the faith. We often apply polemics on the offense. And so, without apology, when we defend Biblical masculinity, we will often oppose egalitarianism & feminism. Dr. Joe Morecraft preached this sermon in 2008 when Sarah Palin was a Vice Presidential running mate with

Our Donkey busted my lip, so we played like boys

As we drove down the driveway our Donkey was overly excited to see us. So I parked, then played with Jackson before we went inside. In his rambunctious display of love and affection, he accidentally busted the inside of my lip. That’s when my wife hit record. Jackson loves it when I play with him.