Donating more books – Dispensationalism, Arminianism & Pragmatism

Though I am very appreciative of the many books I have read and accumulated over many decades. But when they are no longer in use, and become mere dust collectors, and/or are doctrinally indifferent, then it’s time to redistribute another box of books, which makes more room for new books (or more solid old books).

Hebrews chapter 3, by Bill Rhetts

This is an exposition of the entire chapter three. Vs 1-6 is the supremacy of Christ above Moses (or any of todays celebrity pastors – aka idolatry) Vs 7-13 is a grim warning of the sin and danger of unbelief Vs 14-19 is the necessity of faith in Christ, and of steadfastly following him.

An exposition of Hebrews 2:1-9 – don’t neglect your salvation

Though not intentionally this was the shortest sermon I’ve ever preached, so in ‘this video’ I also included the call to worship, communion, Gloria Patri, and the benediction. In this sermon I did an exposition of the first nine verses of chapter 2. •             In vs 1-4 is ‘The duty to not neglect our salvation’•            

A Clandestine Ham Radio in a Subaru – K2PTL

The below parts were all purchased at the Ham Radio Outlet (HRO).   Antenna mounting bracket – Comet RS-660U. Diamond Tri-Band Antenna – CR-320A Kenwood cig lighter charger – PG-3J Diamond Antenna RG16/RG8 combo cable kit – C211 HS-10 the leader into HT Kenwood KMC 45-D (speaker mic)

An exposition of Hebrews 1:5-14

And this sermon is verses 5-14, but more specifically, Vs 5-6 is Christology over angelology Vs 7-9 is Christ perfectly loves, and perfectly hates Vs 10-12 is Our Creator & Christ are eternal, but His creation not so Vs 13-14 is Gods Angels are for His elect. In vs 9a it says God “loved righteousness

FOR SALE: Highly modified 2012 Jeep Wrangler 2 Door – Redlands Calif – SOLD

I am the original owner, no accidents, with 118,500 miles. This dream machine includes, but is not limited to. TeraFlex Suspension system TeraFlex 3″ lift Re-geared for 37″ tires (currently has 35’s) Poison Spyder Customs bumpers Poison Spyder rock sliders Poison Spyder fenders (crusher flares) Steel body armor underneath Synergy stabilizer bar Chromoly axles in

An exposition of Hebrews 1:1-4, by Bill Rhetts

Today I began an expositional teaching and preaching through the book of Hebrews. Whereas I gave a brief introduction, and then the first four verses. It says in vs 2 “but in these last days he has spoken to us by his Son, whom he appointed the heir of all things, through whom also he