Happy Thanksgiving, Gloria Patri, and particularly to God’s elect

Thanksgiving As the world seems to be falling apart right before our eyes. I submit, that according to God’s Sovereign decree, it is falling apart right on time. I rejoice in that and am most thankful to Him through all circumstances, including the bad. May Hebrews 12:25-29 encourage you.  “See that you do not refuse

In 2011 I leaked intel warning SoCal of terrorism threats then…

FBI Director Christopher Wray recently warned “We are in a dangerous period” due to the threat level of terrorism.  Forgive me for saying this, but “I told you so.” Years ago I gave presentations all over the heartland. I thought this was another way to ‘love thy neighbor.” But only to become perplexed and disheartened

Happy Reformation Day – October 31st, 1517

Let’s Make the Church Great Again. Let’s Make Protesting Great Again! Today marks the 506th anniversary of Luther’s nailing of the Ninety-five Theses on the door of the Wittenberg church in 1517, which led to the Protestant Reformation. Similar to how homosexuals blasphemously hijacked God’s Noahic Covenant, making June their “pride month.” The world system

The internet is brutal to those who desire to Imitatio Christi

The liberal’s slanderous race card has finally been declined like a maxed-out credit card. But Christians still have to contend with Evangelicalism and big Eva pulling their three favorite misused cards. And they are, you’re a 1) legalist, 2) self-righteous, and/or 3) holier than thou. Fact check. There is nothing good about me except the

To intentionally not evangelize is a sin of omission 

Many today wrongfully believe evangelism is only for those who have the “gift of evangelism.” Though some are specifically gifted, or gifted more than others, we are generally all called to share the Gospel. For example. I don’t call myself an apologist, but I often engage in apologetics. I am to “always be ready to
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